Fun and Games at the Château de Petite-Somme

This entry could be sub-titled ‘when life is so busy that you haven’t even got time to write about it’.

On Saturday and Sunday, over forty-five eager-to-learn men and women, boys and girls assembled in the castle for an intensive cookery event.

A couple of Gopis prepare the dough for chapatis.

chapati dough:

At the inaugural get-to-know session it became clear that this was a truly international event. Our participants came from such diverse places as Israel, Croatia, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, Venezuela, Baltimore, Canada, North Carolina, Ireland, Republic of Suriname, Brazil, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and St Vincent (look THAT one up on your atlas).

Pointing out some of the finer points of gulab jamun making.

cooking gulab jamuns:

We finally sit down together on the steps of the Château.

Group photo:

I’ve only been two weeks on the road, but it feels like two months. Such is the nature of relative time. Three-and-a-half weeks to go!
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