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Received this letter:

Hi! I am enquiring about the curry leaf and where to purchase it from. I am managing an IGA store in Mundubbera Qld, where I have had a customer request them. I would only be looking at purchasing a very small quantity as I believe they have a very short shelf life. If it was impossible to get a hold of, what would be a suitable substitute?

Looking forward to your response. D.R.

curry leaves:

My response:

Hello D! Curry leaves grow easily in Qld, so there should be not a big problem in obtaining them. They are usually available from well-stocked fruit and veg markets both fresh and dried, and Asian grocers. Fresh have a short life in the fridge, and dried are pretty boring. There is no substitute for curry leaves, certainly not kaffir lime. Either you use them in a recipe, or you miss them out.

Can’t give you exact Qld locations to obtain them since I live in Perth.

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Hope this helps,

Posted by Kurma on 25/8/05; 9:42:46 AM

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