Chuck Another (Panir) Steak on the Barbie, Mate

Yes, there is such a thing as a vegetarian barbecue. I’m doing one next week in a cooking school in the city of Bunbury, a regular venue of mine down south (Western Australia).

steak and chips:

That’s a real fair-dinkum vegetarian steak pictured above, made from the famous panir.

Here’s what I’m cooking in Bunbury:

The Vegetarian Barbecue

Barbecued Polenta with Rocket Leaves, Italian Caponata Antipasto & Shaved Grana Padano
Pan-roasted Fresh Panir Cheese and Char-grilled Asparagus with Salsa Verde
Barbecued White Sweet Potato with Fresh Corn Chutney
Yogurt-Cheese (Labneh) with Fresh Balsamic & Honey Strawberries

I’ll post some pictures of the event. The class, as always, has been fully booked for months.
Posted by Kurma on 10/8/05; 10:09:12 AM

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