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Here’s a couple of shots of my son Nitai’s birthday.


Nine years ago Nityananda Rama (Nitai) was born in a chilly maternity hospital in Vrindavan, India. We celebrated that day on the weekend with a small get-together with some of his friends, cousins and other relatives.


My elder son Caitanya (below), aged 20, is in Jagannatha Puri at the moment, a sacred seaside city on India’s eastern coast. He is having a ball, catching up with old friends from his seven-year sojourn at Indian gurukulas (boarding schools).


My daughter Joelene, 26, is in Sydney, poised to give birth to her second child.

joelene and sebastian:

Time rolls on. I’m feeling rather old.
Posted by Kurma on 12/12/05; 9:48:23 AM

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