At Home with Kurma

Conducted a cookery class at my home today, entitled “The Best of Indian Cuisine”.

Here some of the crew slice the garden-grown Peruvian Aji chilies for the fresh panir-laden “Matar Panir“.

Cooking with Kurma:

The Chana Dal was veritably bursting with succulent chunks of pumpkin. The pakoras were some of the best I have made for a long time – crispy battered chunks of eggplant, potato and cauliflower. Here Sandra gets stir-crazy with the apple chutney.

stir that chutney...:

Inevitably it was time for lunch, and we sat down very contented, after preparing 8 dishes in three hours.

time for lunch:

The guests have all gone home now, and it’s time for the last of the washing up.
Posted by Kurma on 21/8/05; 6:57:22 PM

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