Any Old Blogs?

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Received this letter from Poland:

Hi Kurma!
I enjoy reading your blogs very much. Do you have any old entries?
Krystka Czajko, Gdansk, Poland

My reply:

Hi Krystka,
Thanks for your support.

Yes I do have old blogs. There’s only enough space for 20 entries at a time on this side of the page. To read ‘back issues’, go to the calendar on the top right (or bottom) of this page and click on old dates.

For example, click on any September date so far highlighted, or go back to August to read those entries.

Then, to travel even further back in time, click on ‘July’, scroll down, and click as before on any date. You can go all the way back to June 2, my Blog Birthday.
Posted by Kurma on 4/9/05; 10:16:37 AM

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