All Quiet on the Western Front

You may be wondering about the apparent lack of recent travel news on my blog, despite my calling it a Travel Diary.


Well, of course, in one sense, life is a bit of a journey, and this blog is my attempt to share it with whoever cares to visit.

And in regards to actual touring, even though I do a fair bit of it, I’m not constantly travelling.

I am, at present, here in Perth on Australia’s West Coast, doing the pre-planning for my October Australia-wide teaching Tour that commences the last day of this month. There’s a few cookery classes coming up between now and then. I am holding a class at my home cookery school this Sunday, and I cook a grand feast at the local Hare Krishna Temple next Monday on the occasion of the Birthday of Sri Radha, Krishna’s Female Counterpart.

For now, I am spending a lot of time with my son Nitai, who has just returned from Peru after an almost three year absence, and sorting out my very complex family affairs.

So stay tuned for more upbeat stuff as it happens. And once again, thanks for all your support thus far.
Posted by Kurma on 6/9/05; 12:32:04 PM

Life and Travel

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