A Virtual Guided Tour of Radhadesh

I’m feeling like a ‘man of few words’ today. Actually, the weekend practically wore me out. Tomorrow starts a 5-day intensive cookery course in the morning session, and reading from my biographical work of Prabhupada for the afternoon session. All this is part of the yearly convention held here at the castle.

I’m also a little sick – heavy sore throat – and although I’m taking some Ayurvedic medicine, I’ll save my ‘voice’, and I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Here’s a grand view of the castle. I’ll give you some of the history of the place tomorrow.

castle grounds:

The well-stocked boutique. One of the biggest and well-stocked of it’s kind I have ever seen.


A view from inside the gift shop. Local tourists (40,000 a year) always find something they like here.

gift shop:

The Gang’s all here! Take your pick of the many gods and goddesses.

the gang's all here:

Some local confectionery. Actually this is from a farm-temple in Germany.

local confectionery:

The bakery. Delicious aromas waft out of here each morning. Fresh crusty bread!


Resident baker Nadia Behari making some biscuits.

Nadia Behari Dasa:

Le pain – fresh from the oven.

Le pain:

I did a trot around the grounds. Here’s some of the local mums and dads.

local mums and dads:

Where’s the nectar?

What's the buzz?:

This local resident (below) feels right at home. I think he senses he won’t find himself on the restaurant menu.

one that got away:

And last but not least, the Ultimate Temple Management Committee.

temple deities:

radha gopinatha:
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A Date to Remember

Even while I’m on tour, back at home base the wheels of management keep turning. Here’s a class worth attending:

“AMANO COOKING SCHOOL & SPECIALIST COOKWARE STORE – A Member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. 12 STATION STREET, COTTESLOE, Perth.

RUSTIC VEGETABLE DISHES are just perfect for the winter table & Vegetarian Chef Kurma Dasa has made this style of cooking his trademark. One could learn a lot from cultures where dishes brimming with beautifully cooked & spiced vegetables are commonplace, and always form part of a family shared table. This style of cooking is no longer the cheap option, with creative vegetable dishes now appearing on top menus globally. Start thinking outside the square, and ponder buying all those exotic veg you’ve often ‘walked past’.”

Tuesday 23rd August 6.30p.m. $65.00
Posted by Kurma on 4/7/05; 3:55:48 PM from the Travel dep

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