A Trip to the Border Ranges

I’ve been getting in touch with my primeaval side. Yesterday I visited the Border Ranges National Park (31,683 hectares), a World Heritage listed rainforest park on the rim of a vast and ancient volcano, that adjoins Lamington National Park in Queensland.

border ranges 2:

It stretches 85 kilometres from east to west. Together with the McPherson Ranges, the Springbrook Plateau and the Nightcap National Park, Border Ranges National Park forms part of the caldera of the Mount Warning shield volcano, the largest caldera in the southern hemisphere. That’s Mount Warning below – a very mystical place. Turn the picture on its side to see a giant face.

mount warning:

Border Ranges National Park appeals to naturalists, birdwatchers and geologists as well as bushwalkers with its spectacular views, pristine rainforests, waterfalls plunging into deep gorges, sparkling creeks, steep scarps and rugged ridges.

ranges 1:

It feels good to touch Mother Earth.
Posted by Kurma on 27/10/05; 8:58:35 AM

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