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Julia from British Columbia writes:

“I remember reading in one Hare Krishna cookbook that salt was not to be added to the food until after it had been cooked and blessed. There was even a photo of the beautiful food on pretty plates, with a little plate just for the salt. I note, however, that you add salt during cooking.

Please comment on this custom/tradition/ritual. What is the reason for not adding the salt? Does it make the food “unfit”, as the alliums do, and what exactly does “unfit” mean in this context? Many thanks!

krishna's lunch:

My reply:

Thanks for your very interesting question.

I am not sure which Hare Krishna cookbook you were reading but I cannot recall ever reading that salt should not be added until after the food is offered to Krishna/blessed.

If there is such a suggestion, I cannot understand why it is so, since salt is certainly not a restricted item in Hare Krishna cookery as are the Alliums you correctly refer to.

So there is no restriction that I am aware of for adding salt in the cooking. When a Hare Krishna devotee cooks, he is meditating on cooking for God. I don’t think that God is on a low-salt diet.

And the reason for the litle salt container next to the beautiful offering plate is for Krishna to add MORE salt if He wants, just like someone may have a salt shaker at the dinner table. All very reasonable, don’t you think?

Very best wishes, Kurma
Posted by Kurma on 8/10/05; 5:25:48 AM

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