A Letter from Salalah

This afternoon I received a letter today from Salalah. Until today, I must admit that I had never heard of the place. I now know that it is situated on the Arabian Gulf, and is Oman’s second largest city.

It’s amazing just how many letters I receive from the Gulf States, all via the Ask Kurma section of my website.

The enquiree, who wished to remain anonymous, asked whether I could supply the Hindi name for Kale, Rye & Alfalfa. I looked them up on a large list I had already published, and scoured the internet.

The Hindi name for alfalfa is garari or rijaka. I looked up the the other two, but to no avail.

If anyone can help me out with this, let me know.
Posted by Kurma on 4/10/05; 8:20:04 PM

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