A Letter from Iceland


Hello Mr Kurma,
I was reading your blog about your class yesterday. The menu sounded very great. But where can we find such recipes?

Halldðra A.,
Kringlunni, Reykjavik


Hello Halldðra,
Glad my blog is being read far and wide. Two of those recipes are published on my website “Recipe of the Week” Those recipes change weekly, by the way. Thanks for taking the trouble to write.

Happy cooking,
Posted by Kurma on 12/8/05; 9:44:23 AM


 All ”a-flutter”?

Are you “all a-flutter” at the thought of missing the previous 3 months entries of my blog?
And then, to travel even further back in time, click on ‘June’, scroll down, and click on any date after June 2.There’s only enough space for 20 entries at a time on this side of the page. To read ‘back issues’, go to the calendar on the top right (or bottom) of this page and click on July dates.

That should settle any butterflies in the stomach.
Posted by Kurma on 12/8/05;


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