A Bit More of a Wander Around

I have five pretty full-on cookery classes next week so I am happy to have a relaxed couple of days. I wandered over to the Manor and got a rare chance to photograph some more of that amazing confectionery, prepared daily with great devotion by the ladies in the kitchen.

more sweets:

This batch is very special. All hand-painted sandesh, multi-layered, stuffed and flavoured – truly a very special high-class cream cheese fudge infused with Bhakti (devotion) that you will rarely see anywhere else. Feast your eyes.

Sunday is Rathayatra Day. Three massive chariots will be pulled from Hyde Park Corner to Trafalgar Square. The organisers are expecting about 15-20,000 people to attend. The kitchen is cooking a feast for 15,000. I will have to go and take some photos of the cooking, that’s for sure.


Here’s one of the chariots, minus all its gorgeous rigging and canopy, is in the last stages of construction at the building site at the Manor. I am sure it will be a wonderful parade, especially since the weather forcast is a good one.
Posted by Kurma on 16/7/05; 1:54:25 AM from the Travel dept.

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