Welcome Home Dwaipayana


I just saw my dear friend Dwaipayana for the first time since his horrendous bike accident three months ago. This photo was taken at Yaso’s funeral. It was his first day out of hospital, and boy was he happy to see everyone. It looks like he’ll be allowed to go home next week, all going well.

He even got to play his guitar and sing one of Yaso’s favourite Mahamantra melodies in the funeral service.

Multiple breaks in his legs and steel plates and pins later, as soon as he can support his own weight, Dwaips is a free man. Well, as free as you can be in this world. There’s months of physiotherapy to go, but anything’s better than a hospital bed.

As his brother Tim commented (Tim teaches Ayurvedic cooking and plied his brother with nourishing food in hospital) ‘Dwaips looks better than most visitors that come to the hospital, what to speak of the doctors and nurses as well’. Good to have you back with us Dwaips.

Posted by Kurma on 24/6/11; 9:35:03 AM

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