The Usual Suspects

Why that title? The horizontal boards reminded me of height markers at a Police line-up. But I digress…

These are recent photos of my grandsons, taken on Toby’s (he’s on the left) very first day of school. They’re a handsome couple of lads, even as Toby presents a ‘dag’ face and brother Sebastian makes like a young Jim Carrey.

Toby's First Day at School 1:

I daresay they’ve been sweating it out at school this week since Sydney’s Western suburbs have recorded Sydney’s hottest five days in a row on living record – over 35 degrees C every day. That’s 95 degrees for all my US readers – (35 x 9/5) +32 = 95.

Toby's First Day at School 2:

These are my all-time favourite shots so far of the lads.

Toby's First Day at School 3:

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