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In today’s inbox was a letter from Tony Boutagy, director of the Sydney-based Boutagy Fitness Institute and a member of the Australian Institute of Fitness Personal Training Advisory Panel. As a recipient of the 2004 Australian Fitness Industry’s Author of the Year Award Tony has written strength workouts for athletes in 24 different sports.

Tony wrote: “Dear Kurma, I just referred my readers to your wonderful website. We met last year as you were kind enough to sign your cook books for me. I cook from your books at least 3 times a week!”

Here’s a couple of Tony’s recommended unprocessed, low GI fibre-rich breakfast suggestions.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need meat to be a good athlete or sportsperson, There’s vegetarians in all walks of sporting life. Read more about ultra-fit vegetarians

Posted by Kurma on 2/7/11; 7:22:00 AM

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