Running the Gauntlet

I have successfully taken cuttings of strawberry plants in my garden. I transplanted them into pots and also into various places in the garden, and wherever they were replanted they have all grown successfully.

From one shop-bought seedling I now have a dozen strawberry plants in various locations, some of which are fruiting right now. The challenge is to pick the berries before the birds and lizards devour them.

red gauntlet strawberry plant:

This is one of my very healthy red gauntlet strawberry plants. That’s chocolate mint and marjoram in the background. The recent deluge of Sydney rain with hot interludes have done wonders in the garden. I haven’t seen strawberry plants stand quite so erect like this before. A handsome and generous fellow, methinks.

Posted by Kurma on 28/11/11; 5:32:16 AM

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