Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Cold and wet conditions have returned to Sydney. and the mind turns to comfort food. Recently I prepared a pizza topped with a generous assortment of roasted vegetables and fresh mozzarella cheese.

ready for the oven:

I pre-roasted potatowhite sweet potatofresh fennel rootpumpkinbeetsgrape tomatoes and zucchini in the oven while my homemade pizza dough was rising. I rolled out the dough and spread it on my pizza tray.

Then I removed the roasting tray of cooked vegies from the oven and three-quarter cooked my pizza dough. The vegies and fresh mozzarella were generously strewn, sprinkled with Greek oregano (rigani) and splashings of olive oil, and then returned to the hot oven.

The cooked pizza was finally served with a generous spiral drizzle of homemade rocket and almond pesto and topped with fresh rocket leaves from the garden, but by then my camera was out of battery power, so you’ll just have to imagine how nice it looked – and, after the usual sanctifying mantras were uttered, how it tasted.

Posted by Kurma on 30/9/11; 7:28:26 AM

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