Panir Fest

panir fest:

If you had 10kg of first class organic panir cheese in your freezer, you’d probably be tempted to make more panir dishes than usual. I’m sure that’s the culinary version of the term “burning a hole in your pocket”, if you get my inference.

Honestly, when you taste panir cooked in this context, you naturally think ‘why would anyone want to eat meat when you have this succulent alternative?’ My Spritual Master called it ‘a meat-eater’s delight’. Instead of killing all the cows for their flesh, you can keep them alive and utilise their milk to make panir cheese, which is also rich in protein. You’ll be happy, and so will the cows and their grateful descendants.

So yes, I did use some. To be precise, I pan-fried large batons of panir cheese until golden-brown, folded in fresh tomatoespeasgreen chili, and pieces of zucchini (remember, I like zucchini).

I cooked it all together very slowly – I guess you could describe it as a ‘braise’ – and towards the end I added a spoonful of homemade garam masala, and a smidge of raw sugar and sea salt. That’s fresh from the garden flat-leaf parsley on top.

It tasted as good as it looks.

Posted by Kurma on 23/6/11; 5:07:22 AM

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