Panir Butter Masala

paneer butter masala:

I receive more recipe requests for the famous Panir Butter Masala than any other.

Unfortunately it’s one of those recipes that I haven’t published. It was tagged to go into my last book, but I never decided which of my four quite different untested versions I should transform into a finished Kurma recipe. And quite frankly, its richness sort of scared me.

So my recipes for the unctuous delight stayed in my ‘yet to test and publish’ box, and time slipped by.

Then I decided that my next book would be Light & Healthy Vegetarian Dishes, and poor old Panir Butter Masala slipped completely off the list. Slipped is a pretty accurate verb in this case since it’s one of those recipes you cook when you need to get seriously comforted. It’s oozing butter and cream, and not for anyone on a diet, queasy about dairy products, or short-listed for a liver transplant. Quite frankly, it’s unabashedly naughty.

And, in case you’re wondering Light and Healthy Vegetarian Dishes has not yet seen light of day.

So I was delighted to bump into a nice version of this lip-smacking dish on one of my fave food blog sites. If, like me, you don’t use garlic, just miss it out, or better still, replace with a spritz of seasoned asafetida. Bazinga!

Here’s Sanjana’s recipe.

Posted by Kurma on 5/2/11; 6:30:05 AM

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