Non-hybrid Old Traditional Seeds

Even though my garden is ridiculously crowded and I’m running out of things to plant in, I couldn’t resist the urge to get some non-hybrid old traditional open pollinated seeds from Eden Seeds. I’ve always admired their ethics and their great seeds, So I spent $50 and got myself a selection of what I thought I could handle in a tiny space.

Radishes are always a pleasure to grow so I got five varieties: watermelon, purple plum, French breakfast, champion and china rose.

Eden seeds have a mind-boggling variety of tomatoes, and I almost got some. Instead I chose some red giant mustardBloomsdale long-standing spinach, and some Komatsuna salad greens.

Add to that some slow-bolting cilantro, some Tabasco chili seeds, mesclun mild-mix, and for a laugh, some heirloom black zucchinis.

Don’t ask me where I will plant all these! I’m actually looking into something called vertical planters. Bags that hold about 25 litres of potting mix and hang on walls. I have a lot of wall space that gets afternoon sun, so that’s a possibility. Any ideas on that, fellow gardeners?

The other thing I almost bought was a construct-it-yourself above ground 3 square metre planting box that you fill with soil. Mitre-10 ran out of all stock. I’ll keep my eyes open for more.

Posted by Kurma on 31/10/11; 5:45:50 PM

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