No More Cornflake Conundrum

I hope all this photography of breakfasts doesn’t seem a tad self-indulgent. I am only sharing this in the hope that it might inspire a few others who are stuck in the dreaded ‘cornflake conundrum’.

Clockwise: There’s fresh cherries – a lighter coloured, early-fruiting Australian cherry variety the name of which evades me right now; Fresh strawberries, mangoes and vanilla yogurt topped with toasted muesli and pistachios;

A small bowl of dry-roasted nuts and dried fruitsMulti-grain sourdough toast with a fresh homemade tiny batch of strawberry jam. I grew the strawberries, yay! Another toast topped with sweet chilli jam (homegrown chilies) and Maasdam cheese (no nasties); toast with kumquat marmalade (from my kumquat tree); Lurking in the centre – another toast topped with cream cheeseavocadotoasted seeds, some dressing and lots of fresh leaves from my garden – rocket, mustard greens and basil.

Offered with love and served with hot ginger tea.

Posted by Kurma on 27/10/11; 4:44:27 PM

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