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Perhaps the truly bitterly cold weather is on the decline here in Sydney. The plants are behaving like Spring is on the way, that is for sure.

rainbow chard 2011:

The rainbow chard/silverbeet is looking good. After the last full moon it really surged in growth and vitality. It is very tender in salads and soups, and the more I pick, the more it grows.

pass the parsley:

The flat-leaf parsley is a perennial favourite of mine, fresh, tasty and beautiful as a garnish.

chocolate mint:

This is chocolate mint, with a spearmint aroma and an intriguing after-dinner mint mouthfeel.

orchid 1:

I can’t take credit for the orchids. They just re-bloom every year due to the artistic direction of Krishna and my father’s gardening abilities.

orchid 2:

As soon as Spring actually arrives I will start to plant some more warmer season items. I just love to use things in my kitchen that I have grown myself.

Posted by Kurma on 25/8/11; 7:09:44 AM

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