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My humble patio herb and vegetable garden is looking gorgeous right now, and yielding a nice range and quantity of ingredients for my kitchen. Note that everything is growing in pots and tubs, so you really don’t need to know much about gardening to have success.

2011 English Spinach:

My past experience with English Spinach in pots has been that the party is soon over, but so far so good. I pick the leaves and more grow back. I suspect they are a little harder to maintain over long periods than Chard/ Silverbeet, but we shall see.

Snow Peas 2011:

I have two pots with snow peas. Despite the limitation of my ridiculously inadequate patio, I’m giving snow peas a chance (‘all we are saying’…) I have a single pole in the centre of the pot and trying to encourage the little tendrils to take the plunge and attach themselves to it and begin their climb to fortune. Am I doing something wrong? Should the stick be more slender? Should I wrap it with chicken wire? Obviously a trellis is the norm. Any ideas, fellow gardeners?

basil 2011:

Always a favourite with me – and the insects. White butterflies are around, so for sure they are laying eggs, and the first meal for their darling offspring will surely be basil. I don’t blame them.

strawbs 2011:

There’s a few batches of strawberries around the patio, and they are fruiting like anything. The birds usually get them as soon as they are ripe, though a few miraculously escaped their beady eyes. I made jam out of 3 ripe homegrown strawberries – no I’m not joking – just to prove that I could do it. That’s 2 toasts worth, by the way.

marjoram 2011:

The marjoram is looking gorgeous. And – oh, how very aromatic and delectable is her fragrance. Perfect for pasta sauce and all things Mediterranean.

she's Greek Basil:

She’s Greek and she’s good! She’s Greek a basil!!

Big Rainbow Chard 2011:

I have 6 big tubs of rainbow chard and as quick as I can pick it there’s more. Just how I like it. It goes in anything and everything. Wonderfully healthy, pesticide-free and delicious.

methi fenugreek:

Some fresh fenugreek, otherwise known as methi. Not my favourite, but I thought I’d grow some anyway. 3 or 4 fenugreek seeds, and there you have it.

micro mustard:

Trying some micro-herbs. Mustard is impossible to get wrong. Ten cents worth of seeds and wait a week.

micro methi:

Freshly sprouted micro-fenugreek greens. A beautiful sight. All you need is soil, a couple tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, and water. Isn’t nature wonderful!

parsley 2011:

Nothing more beautiful than new season continental parsley in the green bloom of innocent youth. So are you inspired? This whole lot takes up 3 or 4 square metres of tiled patio. You can do it!

Posted by Kurma on 28/10/11; 4:07:32 AM

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