My Kitchen Equipment, Part One – Spun Out, Man

Today I thought I’d commence a series of blog entries highlighting some of my kitchen equipment. If you’re just starting a serious kitchen at home, or are just interested in seeing what bits of equipment other people have in their home, you might find this inspirational.

garden in spring:

The other day I foraged my tiny patio garden for herbs and salad leaves to make a green risotto. It’s winter, and most of my herbs and greens have died down. The patio garden photo above was taken in early summer last year. Anyway, there’s always something growing out there.


I managed to find some decent rainbow chard (silverbeet), a last habonero chili that was hiding under foliage, two varieties of baby lettuce leaves, two varieties of rocket, some spearmintvietnamese mint, some basilmarjoramthyme and oregano, and some parsley.


This is a salad spinner. My old friend Tracey gave it to me as a present years ago when I was living in Perth. She was mad on Tupperware, and I was happy to receive this practical item from their range.

I filled the base with water, plunged the greens inside, sloshed them about and drained them. I repeated this until there was no more debris, then transferred the greens to the spinning basket, popped on the lid and spun away.

closer now:

Centrifugal force spun out all the water and the greens were left completely dry. This piece of equipment is essential if you want to make a perfect salad and you don’t always buy so-called prewashed leaves. I subscribe to the ‘wash everything’ mindset, so Mr Spinner gets well used.

Posted by Kurma on 29/6/11; 7:26:05 AM

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