Musings on Potato Soup

Kaustubha from Cleveland, Ohio wrote me today:

“Hare Krishna!! Just curious if you know of any good tricks or tips to make a hearty potato soup? Something thick and creamy like a chowder. It’s getting to get colder around us and those would be great to warm up to this time of year.

Every recipe I see has a good amount of onions and garlic in it which I would like to avoid but I’m not sure asafetidacould be a substitute for that.”

My reply: “Dear Kaustubha,

My hearty potato soups are very simple. Interestingly, I just made a batch for my father this morning.

Boil good quality peeled chunks of mashing variety potato in a small amount of slightly salted water (just covered) with a decent pinch of asafetida, and then when the potato pieces are falling apart, insert a bamix/ hand blender and puree the mix, leaving a few chunks of potato unblended if you wish.

You could cook fresh fennel root and/or cauliflower a longside the potatoes at the beginning for something a bit different. You could also add a teaspoon of fennel seeds to the original boiling potatoes for additional variant in flavour.

Before ladling out into pre-heated bowls, add generous amounts of finely chopped fresh dill (or dried if fresh is unavailable) sour creambutter, enough salt, and freshly cracked pepper. Add hot milk to make a consistency you prefer, if needed.

Serve with more fresh or dried dill, or fresh watercress, and/or croutons. Substitute olive oil for the butter if you wish, or substitute parsley for the dill.”

Posted by Kurma on 1/10/11; 11:49:02 AM

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