Move Over Gideon

A number of motel owners in the USA have decided to include the Bhagavad-gita in their next-to-the-bed drawer along with Gideon’s Bible. Here’s a few comments:

the gita:

“I got my first Gita in a hotel room and ever since I read the first verse my life has been ever increasingly in Krsna Consciousness. Life is a journey back to Krsna. Peace…” — Terrence, a guest who read the Bhagavad-gita at a motel in CA

“We have replaced many Bhagavad Gitas in the room that the guests have taken along with them.” — Jitubhai Patel, owner Holiday Inn, Ukiah, CA

“I have developed respect for the Hindu culture now that I have read and understood a little about it.” — Vivian Browne, Guest at Rodeway Inn at Monrovia,CA

“The Bhagavad-gita is a profound literature. I thank the motel authorities who allowed me this opportunity. It has helped me to understand who am I and what is this life about. Life is much happier and less stressful. I still cant believe my luck. Thank you!” — Jon Rodriguez, Guest who dropped a complimentary Thank You letter at Best Western, Memphis

“This is very interesting. I curiously picked up this new book lying besides the bible and I found it very nice. It has so much depth. I have taken a copy along with me and will certainly read everything. It has opened a new horizon, hitherto unexplored by me.” — Andrew Spencer, Guest at Howard Johnson, Houston

“People here are very inquisitive and would always like to try new and different things. Hence, I kept Bhagavad-gita at both my motels. I see that the guests like it too.” — B Patel, Motel Owner, San Francisco, CA

“I often see guests coming in for breakfast with Bhagavad-gita in hand and reading it while they are in the lobby or in the reception room. It is satisfying to know that I have contributed in spreading this knowledge.” — Nilesh P, Manager, Super 8, Sacramento

“One of our guest, a middle age lady, approached me at the reception counter and asked me if she could take the Bhagavad-gita along with her. She said that she picked up this book (Bhagavad-gita) just out of curiousity as she was not able to sleep at night. After reading it she found it so profound that she could just not put it down. I gladly allowed her to take the Bhagavad-gita along.” — Dilip Patel, Manager, See Breeze, Pacifica, CA.

Posted by Kurma on 8/12/11; 6:39:43 AM

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