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beaver choc chip:

“TV Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver recently arrived in Los Angeles to revolutionize America’s eating habits. And here’s something I bet you didn’t know.

‘Vanilla ice-cream contains beaver anal gland.’
By Eric Munn Apr 6, 2011,

Jamie Oliver shocked America by telling David Letterman, ‘Vanilla ice-cream contains beaver anal gland.’

The 35-year-old chef appeared on The Late Show to promote the second series of his US Food Revolution, where he travels to Los Angeles to try and improve children’s eating habits and knowledge.

But Letterman was much more concerned about something Jamie had told him prior to coming out on stage. Letterman said, ‘You said that vanilla ice-cream contains beaver?’

Oliver replied, ‘Beaver anal gland, yes.’

Letterman looked stunned by the suggestion and put his hand to his head in disbelief.

Oliver continued, ‘It is a product called castoreum it comes from rendered beaver anal gland – it is in cheap strawberry syrups and vanilla ice cream. If you like that stuff, next time you put it in your mouth think of anal gland.’

Asked Letterman, ‘When did that become ok?’

Said Oliver, ‘In the food industry when the cat is away the mice will play. That is the point of the show. The point of the show it to tell people where food comes from.’

Asked Letterman, ‘But why Beaver?’

Oliver replied, ‘More to the point who found out that a beaver anal gland tastes good?’

The new series of the show is set to premiere next week in the US.”

Posted by Kurma on 7/5/11; 3:12:29 PM

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