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I spent most of yesterday updating my Recipe Archives. Just for you.

baked cheesecake:

This is Baked Cheesecake and you’ll find the recipe here. Any recipe that I’ve ever published online, either on my website or blog, should now be in my archives. If you find something that isn’t, let me know.

very creamy hummus:

You’ll find the recipe for this very creamy Hummus here.

vegie barbecue:

That’s a slab of barbecued Haloumi cheese. What? You’d like the recipe as well?!! Well you’ll have to to scroll down the list of archived recipes and click on Vegie Xmas Barbie for that one. My goodness, I can’t do everything for you!

potato and cauliflower curry:

Of course you’d like the recipe for this delicious Cauliflower Curry. Ok then, here it is.

eggplant panir:

This is Eggplant & Panir Cheese in Spicy Tomato Glaze. You know what to do.

Posted by Kurma on 3/7/11; 5:55:31 AM

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