Kurma’s Lemon-scented Herbed ‘n’ Chunky Oven Fries

First steam or boil your unpeeled chunky-cut potatoes. I boiled mine in lightly salted water. These are Sebagos. Obviously you should choose whatever variety of spud is best for oven-roasting in your country, since there are countles varieties worldwide.

steamed potatoes:

To impart a wonderful fragrance, I cut a generous handful of juicy twigs from my massive rosemary bush. Honestly, it’s the only time the poor plant sees any action. I strew in some fresh thymemint sprigs and half a lemon thinly sliced. The fragrant oils from these aromatics will permeate the potatoes as they roast. Placing them under the spuds will avoid them burning.

bed of herbs:

I placed the spuds atop their lemony herbal bed, a sprinkled them with Himalayan saltcracked peppercorns, a ever-so gentle dusting of asafetida and a good gush of my best oilve oil.

weddy to wost:

Into a preheated 200 degree C oven they go, and await their aromatic, crispy destiny.

roasted and close:

Crunchy, lemony, scented with thyme, rosemary and pepper, and (at least in Kurma’s Kitchen) the ever-present subtle presence of asafetida.

Posted by Kurma on 2/12/11; 8:18:16 AM

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