Kurma’s Kuppa Soup

My Dad likes to have soup some days for lunch, so I make big batches and fill single-serve containers for him to warm up when he wants them.

Today I found myself with a glut of vine-ripened tomatoes, so I decided to make tomato soup, the Kurma Cookbook way.

first blanche:

First step was to blanche the tomatoes – I cut out the cores and made a cross with a knife on the other end of each tomato. This ensures that the skins will lift right off in one piece when they are blanched in water. But you knew that.

The recipe calls for dried basil, but I still have a few leaves on my basil plants outside, so why not use them, I thought.

let's get soupy:

I melted a little butter, added cracked black pepper, a smidge of asafetida and the blanched, peeled and chopped tomatoes and basil leaves, along with a slurp of water.

soup begins:

A long slow stewing broke them down to a nice sloppy, soupy consistency. After cooking I inserted a bamix and pureed the whole mixture, added salt and a sprinkle of raw sugar, and returned it to a full boil.

I melted a tad more butter in another pan, sprinkled in a little flour, and made a tiny roux. I added the roux to the soup and again returned to a simmer, stirring all the while. Finally I poured the whole soup trough a seive and removed the seeds, peppercorn pieces and other debris.

tomato soup:

I know it looks like pumpkin soup in this photo – just a peculiarity of the light. But I can assure you it’s tomato – soupe de tomate de la journée!

Posted by Kurma on 25/6/11; 7:35:57 AM

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