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For the last 4 weeks, the RSS feed from my blog to my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kurma.dasa) has been down. That problem has now been rectified.

For those of you that usually read my blogs on my actual blog page, this may not be an issue, though you might like to read them on my Facebook page as they feed through. If you are reading this on my blog page and would like to become my Facebook friend, just send me a friend request and you’re in.

Please note that I just topped the 4000 friends mark, and in a few months time it will hit 5000, and that will be it. Apparently 5000 is the maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook unless your are the US president, who has 21 million friends.

For those of you that usually read my blogs on my Facebook page, a whole lot of backed-up material just came through. But you know that, because you’re reading it right here, right now. Duh!

And for those that would like to have access to the last 500 blogs of mine on Facebook, you need to open my Facebook page and go to Notes. But maybe you knew that also.

Oh, before I go, there is another Kurma Facebook page, but it’s not mine. It’s a fan page. The 5,691 fans there might like to upgrade their fan-membership to a fully fledged friendship. Be quick!!

Happy reading!

Posted by Kurma on 18/6/11; 8:51:37 AM

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