Homemade Baked Ricotta Dessert


I’ve been feeling a bit inventive lately, at least in the kitchen. Last week I purchased a tub of organic animal-rennet free ricotta cheese. I used a little on fresh bread and then decided to bake the rest. Having no exact idea of how to do it, I went with my kitchen intuition.

I wrapped the cheese in a cheese cloth bundle and pressed it under a heavy weight for 4 hours. Then I splashed on a little mild olive oil and baked it slowly in a moderate oven for a few hours.

It came out firm and plump, golden and delicious looking.

baked ricotta:

So what to do with it? In the mood of trying to use whatever I could find in the cupboard and fridge, I decided to slice it and serve it with banana wedges and drizzle it with homemade syrup. ‘What’s that syrup?’, I hear you ask.

A few weeks ago I poached some peeled, whole beurre bosc pears in a one part sugar one part water syrup, flavoured with saffron thread, large strips of mandarin peel, star anise and cinnamon stick. After the pears had been removed and dispatched, I further reduced the syrup until it had the consistency of honey. The flavour and fragrance was astoundingly good.

baked ricotta with banana and syrup:

So here’s the dessert of the day, a one-off, extemporaneous event of great culinary significance, at least for me, who savoured it alone, with a smile.

Posted by Kurma on 22/6/11; 7:37:24 PM

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