Far Out, Brussels Sprout

Yes that’s Brussels with an ‘s’ at the end. The Brussels Sprout (Brassica oleracea) is a cultivar of wild cabbage grown for its edible buds. Although named after the city in Belgium, few historians believe the plant originated there.

far out Brussels Sprout:

Wherever it came from, it ended up as dinner last night. They’re one of my dad’s favourite vegies. I shaved off their woody ends, sliced them down the centre, pan-fried them, seasoned them with cumin and asafetida in a tiny trickle of olive oil, added a little water and steamed them on full heat with a very tight lid until they were tender and the pan  was dry, then folded them with steamed potatoes, ras el hanout {watch the film clip} and a good dollop of sour cream. Anything is nice with sour cream.

Brussels Closeup:

In fact an old friend of mine named Havirdhana once opined that even balsa wood would probably be edible if eaten with a good slathering of the magic dairy product. I won’t be trying that out. I did try out our Brussels dish, served alongside steaming saffron rice and it was certainly a ‘poor man’s feast’.

Posted by Kurma on 5/7/11; 2:28:43 AM

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