Dindins at Chez Kurma – Pizza and Pie

Some images of what I prepared for dinner last night: A couple of homemade pizzas and a fruit tart. I had made the pizza dough from scratch, then rolled and pre-baked it before adding the toppings. It puffed up like an enormous chapati in the preheated 180 degree C oven.

my pizza components:

In actual fact, each time I prepare pizza dough, I use 1kg of flour which yields 5 or 6 large ones. In my freezer I have frozen balls of raw pizza dough which were punched down and popped into individual ziplock bags. When the need for pizza arises (read ‘craving’) I remove one or more bag and allow it to thaw out on the kitchen bench, or on the sunny patio. The yeast naturally awakens from sleep, the dough rises in its little bag, and it returns to being viable as if freshly made. This normally takes half a day, depending on the weather conditions.

hot pizza:

I spread the warm wheaty base with homemade sauce – olive oil, a smidge of dried chili, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, garden marjoramasafetidablack peppersaltsugar, and a sprinkle of dried Greek oregano(rigani). Kalamata olives, bitey animal-rennet-free cheddar + fresh mozzarella floating in wheysweet little cherry tomatoes plus another sprinkle of rigani completed the job.

apricot and apple tart:

Homemade sour cream tart pastry was the basis of my dessert, and I filled a pre-baked shell with lightly stewed fresh apricotsapples and the last of my homemade blueberry jam. I mixed some vanilla custard powder into the fruit mixture so the pie set on cooling. Leftover pastry was rolled and cut into strips for decoration. Twist my arm for the pastry recipe.

Posted by Kurma on 5/12/11; 10:43:18 AM

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