Dal with a Difference – Sanjana’s Dal Dhokri with Mutter

dal with a difference:

While absent-mindedly trawling the internet I found a link to my all-time fave food blogger Sanjana today. But somehow it was for a recipe that she posted almost two years ago and that I had never seen.

The good thing about food blogs is that they don’t age. Especially if the recipes are Indian and millenia old anyway. After all, what’s a few decades in the bigger scheme of universal time? The only thing that would age are the props (that’s food-styling jibber jabber).

I must admit to not being a regular dal eater. I should be, because for a lacto-vegetarian, dal provides a cheap and convenient source of usable protein and iron.

This recipe on Sanjana’s blog looks so appealing, especially with the amazing homemade dhokri noodles, that I am inspired to rush into the kitchen now and prepare it. I don’t have oiled toor dal, just the regular. I have always wondered what the difference is in the final outcome. Sanjana, if you read this, let me know.

Anyway, here’s the recipe. Happy cooking, and if you’re good, I’ll sing you the dal song.

Posted by Kurma on 15/6/11; 8:10:32 AM

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