Curry Puffs

Some vision from last weekend’s cook-up for a family get-together:

curry puff grid:

The filling* was already made. All I had to do was thaw out the puff pastry, cut each sheet into nine, and place a spoon-full of filling on each square.

curry puff fold:

Each square of pastry is folded into a triangle and sealed.

special fluted edges:

The special fluted edges make them look nice.

curry puffs in waiting:

The raw curry puffs wait nervously on the brink of a hot wok of oil.

curry puff time:

Not the most photogenic batch of curry puffs, but I forgot to take a photo of fresh ones. These were the last remaining puffs from 90 good-looking specimens after the smoke had cleared at the end of a hectic day of family stuff.

I suppose you’d like the *recipe. Ok, here it is

Posted by Kurma on 26/1/11; 8:24:43 AM

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