Connection between Canned Foods and Cancer

Yes, that’s right – yet another survey suggesting a connection between something we may do everyday, and cancer. This time it’s regularly eating food from cans.

canned veg:

We’re talking about Bisphenol A – or BPA – a nasty substance which lines the inside of cans of foodstuff of many, many varieties. This includes soft drinks, by the way. And if you think you lead a healthy life, what about those cans of lentils and chickpeas?

I looked in my grocery cupboard to confirm that all I had was a couple of cans of Italian chopped tomatoes, but then I found the coconut milk. All the more reason to only buy fresh vegetables, bulk dried legumes for self-soaking and cooking, and preparing as many meals as you can from scratch.

Read this article and then perhaps re-evaluate the way you purchase and store food at home.

And if you must buy some pre-prepared things, try things stored in glass, or snap frozen. But be warned about some foods stored in glass jars.

The lid of that innocent glass jar has a gasket, a rubbery liner that fits against the glass and forms the seal. It’s made from PVC but also contains chemicals called plasticisers, which give it the right mechanical properties to form a good seal. This seal ensures the food inside is protected from harmful bacteria, but what about the safety of the plasticisers?

Choice magazine tested food in glass jars in 2008 and found half contained the plastic-softening chemicals epoxidised soybean oil or phthalates at levels exceeding EU limits.

Seems to me that modern life, supposedly based on convenience, time- and labour-saving, has created a far worse array of new problems in the process. What to do? Live simply, according to natural laws. Or pay the price.

If you’re still not depressed yet, Choice magazine has some alarming BPA results to share with you.

Posted by Kurma on 11/12/11; 8:26:58 AM

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