Breakfast with Kurma

This is part of a simple breakfast I prepared this morning. I cut some chunks of perfectly ripe avocado and piled it atop low-fat cottage cheese that was generously spooned onto toasted multigrain sourdough toast.

brekky #1:

I drizzled it with a homemade dressing – lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil, organic sesame paste (tahini), cracked black peppercorns, a little soy sauce, a little honey and a smidge of asafetida – all shaken up in a glass jar.

brekky #2:

Then I sprinkled the whole thing with those wonderful toasted seeds I made the other day, and draped it with fresh rocket leaves picked from my herb garden.

This was served with more toast topped with cream cheese, homemade strawberry jamhomemade kumquat marmalade with fruits from my tree, fresh ripe mangomandarin segments, organic vanilla yogurt with ripe banana, and a selection of dry-roasted nuts – brazil, macadamia, almonds and pistachios.

Posted by Kurma on 9/10/11; 4:14:52 PM

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