Bakewell – Such a Tart!

I grew up eating Bakewell Tarts – the archtypical sweet treat for those with ‘sweet tooths’ and ‘stiff upper lips’ (apparently there are surgeons that can fix that these days).


Since the aforementioned tarts usually contain eggs, and since I have not eaten an egg since 1971, I pretty much gave up on ever tasting a Bakewell until yesterday. Trust fellow-food-blogger Sanjana to come up with a fraffly spiffing, googyless recipe, eh what!

Here it is. Peaches are not back in season yet in Orstraylia, but I am sure you’ll come up with a substitute, like pears, mangoes etc. Or you can wait until the first peach appears in the shops in a few months time. Feast on this!

Posted by Kurma on 8/9/11; 8:57:23 AM

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