A Seedy Business

Here’s some images of a very seedy affair that went down in my kitchen this morning.

I combined 250g sunflower seeds and 250g pumpkin seeds in a large frying pan and dry-roasted them very slowly, stirring constantly, until they darkened slightly to golden brown and became aromatic. This took 15 minutes. When the pumpkin seeds swelled and started to make popping sounds I splashed in a few tablepoons best quality full-salt soy sauce (Kikkoman) and stirred vigorously as the seeds became coated with the rapidly evaporating liquid. This is the trickiest stage and must be done very fast.

I quickly tipped the hot seeds into a large bowl and continued to toss them until they were dry and loose. The resultant savoury, crunchy salted seeds are pure heaven sprinkled on top of salads or just eaten as a uber-healthy snack. I find that a top-quality Tamari is even better, and since it is wheat-free, appropriate for gluten intolerant folks. Braggs Liquid Aminos would work just fine too.

You can also splash on some tabasco or cayenne at ‘crunch time’ for a spicier result.

Posted by Kurma on 5/10/11; 5:29:14 PM

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