A Real Tart

Winter is approaching here in the Great Southern Land. Some stoned-fruits still linger on, but not for much longer.

Plum season in Australia yields a myriad varieties that stay on well after apricots make their brief entrance and exit, nectarines come and go, and all manner of peaches appear and disappear. There are so many varieties of plums that I never get a chance to try them all.

A Real Tart:

I don’t know what these were, but they sure made a nice tart. A pyrex pie dish was lined with puff pastry. I then sprinkled on a mixture of freshly-ground almonds, sugar and flour, then a layer of ripe plums cut in half and pitted. The nut-sugar-flour layer soaked up the gushing plum juice quite nicely, and made a sort of marzipan-like layer between pastry and fruit.

I baked the tart then decided to paint the tart with a generous sloshing of Kosher vegetarian strawberry jellymixture (based on agar-agar) that I made up with one-quarter the recommended amount of water. This made a glistening glaze and added to the already wonderful flavour.

Though the photo above is overexposed, contemplation on it will still yield the usual attachment and lust, and no doubt many tarts will soon enter many ovens worldwide.

So there. Of course this particular tart is now just a memory. As Bhagavad-gita says “The non-permanent appearance of happiness and distress is like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons”. And, may I add, of tarts.

Posted by Kurma on 7/4/11; 8:04:33 AM

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