A Humble Meal

Once again, a warm ‘thank you’ to all my regular readers who have encouraged me to keep blogging. One of you suggested that I should even share with you dishes I prepare at home as a means of encouragement for the everyday home cook who may struggle for ideas.

So here’s what I cooked yesterday. I was home alone, so there was no need to cook anything difficult or complex. I peeled some very ripe trellis-grown tomatoes, chopped them fine and cooked them down in a small saucepan with a fruity olive oil, a crackling of fresh black peppercorns, a spritz of asafetida and a dusting of cayenne pepper.

long live zucchinis:

As they reduced I threw in a handful of torn fresh basil leaves and a few sprigs of fresh marjoram from the garden (yes they are still going strong, though fading in the winter chill) and finally when the reduction was thick, I tossed in a smidge of raw sugar and some sea salt.

While all this was going on, I pan-fried some organic tofu cubes in a little olive oil, and when they were somewhat golden brown I stirred in some zucchini cubes, a splash of water, and applied a lid. The zucchini cubes steamed quickly, as they do, and I removed the pan from the heat and folded in the tomato reduction. The zucchini was cooked, but just a little firm on the palate, as I like it.

And while ALL THIS was going on (I always cook things in parallel for speed) I was cooking some Thai rice with water, salt, a smidge of olive oil and some torn up leaves of baby silverbeet (Swiss Chard, for US readers) from my garden, seasoned with a hint of freshly grated whole nutmeg and pepper.

I was going to grab some fresh parsley to garnish it all, but it was raining so heavily I decided to not venture out into the garden.

It all came together in 25 minutes beginning to end as I am no slaggard in the speed department. Finally I placed my palms together and made a humble offering of prayers and mantra so that the food be sanctified and blessed, and then I partook. Hope that inspires.

Posted by Kurma on 14/6/11; 8:02:50 AM

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