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Hello, I’m Kurma, described by some as Australia’s vegetarian guru.

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How this blog began: There was a lot of interest in the travel diary on my website www.kurma.net. That was quite a big job to maintain, so I decided to give you a blow-by-blow, day-to-day account of my culinary life and travels. Thus marked the birth of my blog, over five years ago. Hope you enjoy it!

You can contact me at kurma.acbsp@pamho.net.

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“Kurma Dasa has been writing cookbooks, teaching students around the world and hosting internationally broadcast TV shows for over thirty eight years. His books have sold almost one million copies.

Kurma’s light-hearted presentation of healthy, attractive and innovative cuisine continues to shake off the outdated notion that vegetarian food is dull and lack-lustre. Kurma’s cuisine is stylish and delicious, and most importantly, highly approachable.

The National Portrait Gallery of Australia featured Kurma in its exhibition ‘Masters of Fare’, celebrating the work and careers of Australian food industry pioneers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Kurma was honoured as having become a household name amongst Australian chefs and cookery writers, “championing the unique culinary characteristics and produce of Australia, enriching our lives with new ideas and new flavours.” The exhibition honoured “Kurma’s contribution to culinary expertise in vegetarianism”. ‘Masters of Fare’ was on display at Old Parliament House in the National Capital Canberra in 2005.

Kurma Dasa was born in England, moving to Australia with his parents in 1964. He started his cooking career in the Sydney kitchens of the Hare Krishna movement, where he began by cutting vegetables, grinding fresh herbs and spices, and assisting in the preparation of their famous Sunday Feasts.

Since those humble beginnings, Kurma has gone on to teach his special brand of elegant and eclectic gourmet vegetarian cuisine throughout Australia and around the world.

Kurma was head chef at Melbourne’s most popular Vegetarian Restaurant, Gopal’s for ten years, and is the author of ‘Great Vegetarian Dishes’ (which is in its eleventh print run), ‘Cooking With Kurma’, ‘Quick Vegetarian Dishes’, and most recently ‘Vegetarian World Food’. All books have received wide acclaim for their professional, clearly written and richly illustrated presentation of vegetarian cuisine.

Kurma has hosted three internationally broadcast television cooking series seen in over 46 countries. His third and latest 26-part TV series “Cooking with Kurma – More Great Vegetarian Dishes” was screened throughout Australia on SBS and Foxtel.

If you want to know more about me…gosh, you’re eager…ok, well, read this.

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