Gone to India

Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh:

I’ve left for the Great Subcontinent. Two weeks of spiritual recharge awaits. My son Nitai is accompanying me, and looking forward to re-visiting his place of birth, Sri Vrindavan, for the first time.

Mayapur, West Bengal:

I’m also spending some time in the Spiritual City of Sri Mayapur.

Divine Couple:

I won’t be blogging while away; a serialised travel essay will bring you up to speed on my return. Thank’s for your patience.

Cooking with Kurma 2010

My working year formally commenced last weekend with my first cookery class of 2010, held at Govinda’s in Darlinghurst. It was a fabulously successful event. There are vacancies for my next class there to be held in June. I’ve reminded Pratapana to post the booking details for that class, which will be happening forthwith. Tallyho!

And while we are on the subject, I’ve got a swag of classes coming up around this big brown (and green and wet) land.

I’d love to cook with you somewhere, sometime, someplace. Here’s what’s on for the first half of this year. Come join me at:

Sticky Rice Cooking School,

Stirling, Adelaide Hills, South Australia,

Cookery Workshops,

Sat 13, Sunday 14 March 2010,

Bookings – call Claire 08 8339 1314.

let's get those samosa happening:

The Company Farm, Wauchope NSW,

Cookery Workshops,

Saturday 10, Sunday 11 April 2010,

Bookings – call Lyn 02 6585 6495.

poised for action:

Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant,

Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Sunday 18 April 2010,

Bookings – call Mary 03 8555 0361.


Satyananda Yoga Ashram,

Mangrove Mountain NSW,

Anna Yoga Weekend Cookery Retreat,

Saturday 24, Sunday 25 April 2010,

Details – call reception 02 4377 1171.

Team Govinda:

Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant,

Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Sunday 2 May 2010,

Bookings – call Mary 03 8555 0361.

kitchen busy bees:

Cooking Co-ordinates Cookery School,

Belconnen, Canberra ACT,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Saturday 8 May 2010,

Bookings – call 02 6253 5133.

let's get spicy:

La Trobe University,

Bundoora Campus,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Saturday 29 May,

Details – contact Manoj ojsc@rediffmail.com.

coming attraction:

La Trobe University,

Bendigo Campus,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Sunday 30 May,

Details – contact Manoj ojsc@rediffmail.com.

minute particles of the whole:

Govinda’s, Darlinghurst, NSW,

Morning Cookery Workshop ,

Saturday 5 June 2010,

Details and Bookings.


Cherry Top & Eagle Park,

Lilydale near Launceston, Tasmania,

Winter Spice Retreat with Kurma Dasa,

Saturday, Sunday 19, 20 June 2010,

Bookings – contact Lesley @ cherrytop@bigpond.com.

govindas 2:

Fremantle, Perth WA,

Full-day Vegan Cookery Workshop, Sunday 4 July,

Email Cruelty Free WA (info@crueltyfreewa.com.au),

or call James/Jess on (08) 9335 7039 11:30am and 6:00pm Tue-Sun,

More information available online.


Upper Crust Cooking Class,

West Perth, WA,

Two Evening Workshops,

Tues 6, Wednesday 7 July,

Bookings – 08 94814149 ,

Contact – gabriel@uppercrust.com.au.

our daily bread:

Aspenz Cooking School,

Bunbury, Western Australia,

Two Evening Workshops,

Tuesday, Wednesday 13, 14 July 2010,

Bookings – 08 97217400,

Contact – aspenzk@westnet.com.au.

fun day at Govinda's:

Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant,

Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Sunday 25 July 2010,

Bookings – call Mary 03 8555 0361.

best bit:

Blog Re-run: Non-dairy Sources of Calcium

vegan logo:

Radhanuga from Hillsborough, NC, USA wrote:

“I’m having some problem finding a good non-dairy calcium source. My nails are
starting to look whitish and soft”.

My reply: There are lots of non-dairy sources of calcium…

Blackstrap molasses, Collard greens, Soy or ricemilk, Commercial soy yogurt, Turnip greens, Tofu, Tempeh, Kale, Okra, Bok choy, Mustard greens,
Tahini, Almonds, Almond butter, Soy milk, etc

Sesame is brimming with calcium. In the form of tahini it is great. Combined with chickpeas in hummous, or on toast with honey…mmm…!!!

Here’s LOTS of information about non-dairy calcium sources, go to: