Raw Cashew Cheesecake

non-dairy raw cheesecake:

Those of you that know me would understand exactly what I mean when I say that I have never been a raw food fan. I eat a good amount of fresh salad greens from my garden, but don’t wax lyrical about raw, non-dairy versions of dairy classics.

But today I fell upon what appears to be a lovely recipe for a raw dairy-free ‘cheesecake’. The picture certainly hooked me in. I’ve made some amazing chutneys before with raw cashews, so I’m aware of their versatility when creamed up to a smooth puree.

The ingredient list (and that’s what I look at first before any decision-making as to what it may taste like) is impressive: macadamia nuts, cashews, Medjool dates, dried coconut, coconut oil, lime juice, raw agave nectar, sun-dried vanilla bean and mixed berries. You can’t go wrong with a line-up like that.

Here’s the recipe.

As soon as any of you try it out, please report back and tell me if it tastes as good as it looks.

Non-vegetarian Food Additive Numbers

chemical maze:

All serious vegetarians read the labels on purchased food items. Letters like this pop up from time to time. Since numbers change and new ones are added, it’s always appropriate to update your list.

Yogesh Parekh from Melbourne writes:

“Is it possible for you to attach or guide me to a recent copy of all
the food numbers that need to be avoided {by vegetarians} in packaged food items.”

My reply:

Here’s a good linkPlease note that it’s formulated for vegans, not just vegetarians, so read it carefully.

Reincarnation, Woody Allen-style

Woody Allen:

I knew Woody Allen was a thoughtful man when I saw Hannah and Her Sisters twenty something years ago. In the movie, Allen’s famously repressed Manhattan Jewish character thinks about converting to Christianity or even to becoming a Hare Krishna.

A new, humorous article from The New Yorker is definitely stamped all over with Mr Allen’s crackling Jewish humour, as he again touches on the subject that ran through his mind in Hannah: reincarnation.

As Woody says, “Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.”

Read the article… (remember it runs over two pages)

Mangrove Mountain

Mangrove Mountain sounds very exotic. It is, actually, being full of forests and farms and rural retreats. It’s about two and a half hours drive north from Sydney to New South Wales’ Central Coast, and is home for the followers of Satyananda Yoga. Here’s an aerial view of the region.

aerial view Mangrove area:

Last year I conducted a successful cookery weekend for the staff members at the ashram, and, as planned, I returned again last weekend to teach a two-day cookery workshop to the public, entitled ‘Anna Yoga – Cooking with Kurma’. Here’s a potted tour of the weekend:

gang at mangrove mountain:

Our 24 ultra-enthusiastic team members pose with a few standard-issue kitchen bowls.

da boyz:

Father and son in action.

nut ladies:

Some of our effulgent crew on cashew-bifurcation duties.

poorie boy:

Showing them exactly how to roll a poorie.

coconut grinders:

Raj and Nitai grate coconut with a nifty machine.

surveying the menu:

Clare and Debi plan their attack.

Day #1 at Satyananda Yoga:

We generally cook an evening meal for 60, hence our generous salad leaf quantities.

Gyanmurti and Leela's Giant Rocket:

Our Syrian pomegranate and walnut dip required roasted red peppers, here expertly blackened over a naked flame by Govinda and Leela.

Leela and Govinda roast peppers:

Peeling oven-roasted peanuts for the North-Indian Cabbage Salad is fun when there’s a few of you doing it at once.

peanut duty:

Julie (second from left) brought a group of friends from Berry, a small town in New South Wales, to help with cut-up duties.

The Berry Babes:

Jacqui baked some phenomenal loaves of bread.

Jacqui's bread:

The kitchen at the ashram is pleasure to cook in. This giant Brat Pan, here attended to by Veda, is an ideal vessel to prepare cashew and cardamom-laced carrot halava.

Veda stirs the Carrot Halava:

man with the golden spoon:

The ever-colourful Inneke agape at the giant pot of matar panir.

the pounders:

Matt and Raj on cardamon grinding duties.

a few nutters:

So many nuts and so little time.