Goodbye Sydney

Last night’s cooking class in Bundeena at the home of Marion and John was a pleasant grand finale to all things culinary in New South Wales. The menu, mood and attendees were different to the night before, and we ate our feast to the sound of a summer rainstorm.

Bundeena 2:

Bundeena is rich in local artisans, specialising in things like painting, textiles, ceramics, jewelry and pottery. Marion (above, in purple) is a potter by trade, and has a kiln and studio at home. All of the bowls and gorgeous tagines in which we prepared and served dinner were made by her. See more of her handiwork…

John (above, right, with glasses) runs a Bundeena local news and information service website. See more of Bundeena…

A special thanks to Michelle and Gary for accomodating me in their home.

And that’s it for Sydney. I fly to Melbourne this morning, will have lunch at Gopal’s restaurant in Swanston Street, and will prepare myself for teaching yet another class in a private home in Fitzroy this Sunday.

The show must go! Onwards and upwards…

Bundeena Bash

I made my way South yesterday on the train to Cronulla and took a pleasant ferry ride across to Bundeena.

on the water:

The first of two scheduled classes at the home of Marion went well. We cooked a feast in record time and had fun in the process.

Our menu, entitled “The Global Vegetarian”:

Creamy Gujarati Yogurt Soup (Karhi)

Canadian Orange, Currant and Pecan-studded Wild Rice & Basmati Pilaf

Fresh Panir Cheese Crusted in Egyptian Spice and Nut Dip (Dukkah)

Succulent North Indian Mixed Vegetable Balls (Kofta) in Mildly-seasoned Fresh Tomato Sauce

Lemon-infused Dubai-style Salad of Fresh Date, Toasted Turkish Bread, Herbs & Feta

Smoky Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Babagannouj)
with Flame-toasted Pappadams

Epiphany Doughnuts in Lemon-scented Rosewater & Orange-Blossom Syrup

Here’s some of the ladies rolling kofta balls.

a-buzz in Bundeena:

We’re going to do it all again tonight, with a different crew and a new menu.

Friday I head to Melbourne, my ‘old stomping grounds’.

Noise Like Thunder

I’ve got a couple of cookery classes in Bundeena, and I’m heading there now.

going down south:

Bundeena is a picturesque village on the outskirts of southern Sydney. It is located 29km south of the Sydney central business district and is part of the Sutherland Shire.

It’s adjacent to the village of Maianbar, and lies on the southern side of Port Hacking, opposite the suburbs of Cronulla and Burraneer. The village is surrounded by the Royal National Park. Bundeena is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘noise like thunder’.

More news as it comes to hand. Packing, then racing to Bondi Junction train station for my train to Cronulla, where I’ll cross the harbour in a ferry.

Will the excitement ever cease?